Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 13: Going home (Wednesday, July 9)

This is the last picture I took in Vietnam, on my way to the airport. Notice the little metal seat bolted on for the darling. I'm surprised he doesn't have a helmet because the helmet law was recently introduced into Vietnam and just about everyone wears one. I love the variety of styles and colours in the helmet shops. You can get one for any occasion and colour coordinate to your outfit. Some of the women wear gloves up to their elbows to avoid tanning, but this lady just had the short ones on, unfortunately.

I'm really sorry my trip is over. I won't mind getting back to sleeping in a room with fewer people, though. Until last night, I'd slept like a dream in the hostel, but last night was a classic dorm nightmare. At about 2:30 three girls came in. They were clearly trying to be quiet, but were too wobbly to quite get it. After 20 minutes of digging around in their bags and whispering, they settled down to eat chips! Then at 5:30 two more girls came home, so drunk that they fell through the bedroom door, slamming it wide open and scaring me half to death. But I'm sure I tried to be quiet when I got up at 7 so as not to disturb them.

I loved meeting people and doing things at my own speed. I don't get that in my real life of course, but I guess that's why it's called a holiday.

Next trip to Vietnam, I want to go to Hoi An and get clothes tailor made. I'll let you know what that's like if I get to do it. I'll leave you with a picture of the best iced coffee I had in Vietnam. The white at the bottom is a dollop of sweetened, condensed milk. In fact, once I post this, I'm going to go and make me some. Enjoy!

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